April 2017

27 April 2017

WMiC, Issue 16 - Plain English Guide: Devolution - A Mayor for the West Midlands. What does it mean?

Sherman Wong points to the Department of Communities and Local Government's suite of plain English guides about what the new directly elected Mayors and Combined Authorities will be able to do. Read More

24 April 2017

WMiC, Issue 16 - Getting away with Purdah: New advice and guidance to councils and civil servants

Sherman Wong points out where to read up on purdah, as the local, mayoral and general elections loom. Read More

13 April 2017

WMiC, Issue 16 - Social Care Spending in the West Midlands - a system in need of some TLC

Earlier this month, the Institute of Fiscal Studies reported that adult social care spending in the West Midlands had fallen 17% over the past six years, while the BBC reported on issues of low pay and staff retention in the sector. Sherman Wong takes a look at these and other recent reports on the pressures facing adult social care in England. Read More