Upcoming Events

February 2015


Care Act Legal Literacy Training

Cornerstone Barristers has been engaged by the LGA to develop and deliver the high level legal literacy training needed to support councils as they implement the Care Act.

Jury's Inn, Birmingham, B1 2HQ

Care Act Consultation Event

Part two of the Care Act Consultation designed to facilitate input to the consultation and to support local implementation of the Act.

Jury's Inn, Birmingham, B1 2HQ

Protecting children and vulnerable adults at risk: West Midlands MASH learning

This event has been organised by the PVVP Programme led by Stephen Rimmer, but the invite has been extended to all Local Authorities in the West Midlands in order to share learning effectively.

Tally Ho Conferencing, Birmingham, B5 7RN

Finding Common Purpose National Procurement Strategy (Health and Social Care)

Key West Midlands event focusing upon a new National Procurement Strategy for Health and Social Care. The event looks to bring together Adult Services, Children's Services, Public Health, Procurement and Legal Services to develop and refine a new LGA led National Procurement Statement.

Jury's Inn, Birmingham, B1 2HQ