Commissioning and Procurement

Commissioning Peer Review

The Commissioning Peer Review has enabled Local Authorities to test their thinking, and approach to commissioning, with input from their peers in the public sector community.

The success of these half day events has been in having an opportunity to be scrutinised by other authorities as well as other organisations but in a non-threatening environment intended to support shared learning between practitioners in the sector.

The outcomes have included the development of strong working relationship between practitioners which help shape new thinking of organisations involved.

Contact Ged Bowles, for more information.


Associate Framework Contract 

Due to recent changes in IR35 legislation the IEWM Associate Framework is now closed.  However, we are working to deliver new arrangements and further details will be available shortly.  If you would like to speak to someone regarding our plans please contact Tony Ashfield, IEWM Programme Manager at



Procurement Resources 

1: Contract Management & Commissioning Toolkit

The objective of the Contract Management Toolkit, developed by Sheffield City Council, is to act as an enabler in assisting Local Authorities (and other Public Sector organisations) in the identification and application of contract management processes that are relevant dependent on the size and risk of a contract.

Useful documents:


2: Procurement Hub

Developed by IEWM and currently administered by Staffordshire County Council, the West Midlands Procurement Hub 

 is designed for procurement colleagues and those who are involved in sourcing and awarding contracts within the 33 Local Authorities, Fire & Police Forces across the West Midlands region.

The 'Hub' contains in excess of 250 pre-procured live frameworks available for regional participation ranging from provisions such as Office Commodities, IT, complete Facility Management Solutions, Vehicles (purchase and hire) to Construction.


Contacts, Networks and other Resources

The IEWM works with many networks and organisations in developing and supporting new and improved ways of working and you may find some of these links useful:

  1. Crown Commercial Services:
  2. West Midlands Districts Procurement Group:
  3. WM Strategic Procurement Group:     Wayne Welsby -
  4. Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy https:
  5. IEWM Contacts: