18 May 2017

WMiC, Issue 16 - West Midlands’ employment and houses price statistics and local child obesity data

Although purdah conventions restrict the release of policy related documents from government agencies, scheduled statistical reports are still published. Sherman Wong takes a look. Read More

12 May 2017

WMiC, Issue 16 - Air Quality - Clean Air Zones Framework and the National Air Quality Plan

Sherman Wong explores the Government's latest consultation draft of its air quality plan. Read More

9 May 2017

IEWM's statement on the West Midlands' first elected mayor

IEWM share their thoughts on the newly elected West Midlands mayor. Read More

2 May 2017

Dissolution of Parliament - Committee Inquiry updates

With Parliament dissolving on 3rd May, Sherman Wong provides an update on ongoing Committee Inquiries. Read More

27 April 2017

WMiC, Issue 16 - Plain English Guide: Devolution - A Mayor for the West Midlands. What does it mean?

Sherman Wong points to the Department of Communities and Local Government's suite of plain English guides about what the new directly elected Mayors and Combined Authorities will be able to do. Read More