Upcoming Events

February 2015


Finding Common Purpose National Procurement Strategy (Health and Social Care)

Key West Midlands event focusing upon a new National Procurement Strategy for Health and Social Care. The event looks to bring together Adult Services, Children's Services, Public Health, Procurement and Legal Services to develop and refine a new LGA led National Procurement Statement.

Jury's Inn, Birmingham, B1 2HQ

January 2015


Data protection and freedom of information workshops for parish councils

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is organising a series of one-day workshops to help parish councils in England meet their data protection and freedom of information obligations.

ICO's office in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Identifying and Promoting Best Practice in Adoption

The Adoption Leadership Board is keen to identify and promote best practice in adoption services and would like to pilot a workshop approach with LAs and VAAs hosted by a Regional Adoption Board. From this it is likely that all regional boards will undertake a similar exercise.

BVSC, Birmingham, B5 6DR

December 2014


IEWM 4th Annual Conference - Innovate Improve Invest: Delivering Public Services Differently

This is a major public service conference, a great networking opportunity and a chance to debate the most burning issues and challenges in the provision of local public services both in the run up to the General Election and beyond.

the ICC, Birmingham

November 2014


Stronger Together - Meeting the workforce challenges of the Care Act

This event will explore workforce capacity gaps in relation to the Care Act, support you in completing a plan to address the gaps and share examples of successful approaches that could be adopted.

Learning and Development Centre, West Midlands Police, Pershore Rd, Birmingham, B5 7RN